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iTunes Gift Card Usage

How the hell do I use this?

I recently received an iTunes giftcard and figured I'd buy some plat with it, but can't find a place to turn cash into plat.
FWIW, I have an apple ID, and usually buy plat by inputting my PW from the item shop ingame. Any guidance is appreciated.

Re: Howling Wind Test - Amazing results

Thank you OP. I’m using maxed howling wind duo leveling with my rogue who has maxed fast reflexes. It’s a great combination. I refuse to say its OP coz its not. Its like Bolas for melee classes and you need to have high defences for this to work properly. So basically its a 1+1=2. Different build t...


What's with the hate towards rebelz? I dont really get the hate towards Bon either :/ someone care to explain? My experiences with Bonlucky: Me- low 50's druid, at SV River. Bonlucky rolls up, and as I am clanless, sends Invite to join Rebelz. I decline, and whisper I'm not interested in joining an...

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