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new skill? do u like it?

I am a warrior but as warriors hav sweeping blow I think in the next update or soon a new skill called tri bolt shud be made for rangers this will give them the advantage of atacking 3 mobs or causing dmg to 3 which they are fighting also this would be easier as I thing rangers get a lot of aggro.te...

what will we be seeing soon?

I know u guys are working hard on making the new update and I believe beta testers and making finishing touches (not sure I'm not good with all this beta and updating stuff, lol just don't judge me for being stupid :p) but what will be included in the 5th update. I know about crafting and an auction...

hey guys i need help

Just today I turned myself tank,sorta.so I need ur help to decide either to go dps for a bit which then I'll need to know the fastest way to lv possible or a good way to lv a tank at lv67.your thoughts on my decision as I want lv 80 by update for to be ready

What next

Hey guys in just wondering if my stats are ok from this pic and wat i shud save up for royal shield of the mountain or golden ice blade i know i hav to improve my armour but for now im workin on dmg and saving for offhand.btw i know im a bit low to go tank but i am trying
To make it work

Re: Admin plz read

Not reely good stuff but he reely liked his account now he has lost it also he worked hard and spent alot of money on that account so it wud be a waste to lose everythink

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