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Re: Is barbed shot worth it??

I disagree with ya there pash yes it does dmg over time but quick shot or whatever it is can do more dmg quicker than big dmg followed by lower dmg attacks and I hav a ranger all I'm probaly gonna use is bolas light heal camo and quick shot thingy :)

Re: Drama

Hey bk I know I like these qualities of these people but drama is caused for a reason such as the stella post but I won't go there.we need to sort out the drama not push it to one side or it will grow and grow and eventually we won't be able to stop it then epona will be destroyed and broken down an...

Re: better be reading this blitzz

Last thing before any of you post on this, admin yes u probably will lock this topic but I hav said what everyone else is thinking (I hope) but its what needs to be done.also if u wanna help sort out blitzz as u locked the last topic because of him so think of what I'm saying when you read this as I...

better be reading this blitzz

I read the post about stella and blitzz to be honest all the posts about you are very true.your a *** who is scared to show your face yes u don't like stella but don't express wat u feel keep em to ya self cuz u hurt others especially the ones who actuallu care about her :) and reveal yourself to us...

Re: Inexplicable

There's my crazy leader who heals and bolas in battle cuz he scared :D how ya been lately, running from noobs? Btw if u don't hav any realisation of sarcasm go buy some :)

Hey guys its ME!

Hey guys its NovaLegendZz a lv80 warrior from epona , a great world to meet a lot of great and nice people (exept LCook94 lol jks) also I'm representing inexplicable a fantastic clan with a loony leader (all pashion :) ) if u ever need a world to join come to us.

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