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Re: Global Castle feedback

If there was a way to reduce the lag and such then it would be a brilliant idea, even with comprises, I loved this idea but then I couldn’t log in at all once I was logged out, the only real hate I seem to see is regarding the performance of castle with so many players in, if you could come up with ...

The Castle

Is there literally anything that can be done to reduce the amount of lag this causes, I also can’t even log into the game because my toons in castle, it could stay loaded for 2-3 minutes and nothing, it’s a bit ridiculous for one of the more popular areas in each server

Re: Pre-Release Discussion

You won’t be able to trade with other servers to my knowledge, trading will still work with your server people only, and your auction house stays linked to your server too, but you can duel and talk, will be overcrowded, open to even more spammers, and laggy for plenty

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