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Re: Halt!!

It was rather tiring staying awake for many bosses at like 2-3am all weekend, fun and obviously not only my opinion matters, a carrow carnage would be fun, maybe make a poll for when to do so in 1 week 2 weeks 1 month etc, epona will just kill and kill but I can see why this will affect every other ...


Has any other server has a substantial lack of 6* or crowns in the last like week or so? Epona were getting a few 6* a day and it’s been about a week of camping and not a single 6*, could be a long streak of bad luck for us but with all the resets otm have occasionally added old code in by accident ...

Re: Next event

Curry30423 wrote:Noo wait another week or 2 for double plat._. Still need my paycheck.-.

Won’t be this weekend I’m sure, announced 3 days prior and it’s 6 hrs 45 mins till usual reset time now lol

Re: T8 druid OH

Does anyone know what the skill looks like for the T8 druid OHs? I'm particularly interested in the touch/breath one and the sanctuary cooldown one. There’s a thread with all completed t8 offhands for druids https://s15.postimg.cc/wilgbh8ij/4_B8_C05_BE-_DE04-4_F69-80_DF-7_E885345051_B.png

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