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Re: Changing Names

People have had their names changed by otm before, some were inappropriate which is understandable, though I’ve seen named changed to remove numbers, and others to completely change the name of the character. I have no idea why they were allowed to do so though my request, though possible and would’...

Re: lures and elemental gear

It does not "increase" the damage. It reduces enemies resistance(can never go below 0), which would cause them to resist less of the damage, making it hit more on average. It is important that I explain it like this so no one gets confused and thinks they can do over 100% damage. It works...

Added BT Loot

Could the devs give us a list of the newly added drops to this loot table and anything else that wasn’t included in the patch notes? Seems a bit odd that sword/blunt rings were added but nothing was said unless you’ve been entirely busy with the castle and resets, would be interesting to know what’s...

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