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when and how much roughly?

I'm currently lv80 atm with full warden and I'm wondering when I shud get astral armour and a rouge price of each part also I know its not related to the topic but does anyone have a rough date or bit of a month that update 4 will come as I'm looking into improving a lot by then for new drops and it...

Re: Tank Warrior with LESS funding

Well I'm lv77 with no rejuvs or offhands atm but I hav 2156 health 700 armour with stance and about 229 dmg (this is why I need offhand) but I cope quite well and my stats are like 55 str 45 dex 40 or sumthink like that in dex and bout 280 vit I hope this sorta helps lol :p and let me know wat ur go...

Re: what to do?

Well I'm a sorta tank . I need dmg but also a energy regen I was thinking of getting trident because it gives all, rejuvs, dmg ,health and energy and defense

what to do?

I recently decided to start saving for a trident or blade (took me a while :p) but I hav 68k atm and should be getting 50 soon so I'll hav bout 118k and wat are ur thoughts on wat I shud get (trident,blade or other)

shud we try this? or not?

I've seen this on some worlds and shud we hav like dicing competitions or like a tourament or just fun small games between friends and each other.(I will not be held responsible for any of ur actions its ur choice to do this)

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