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Re: 1st edl bow on server !!!

Since we gained 6 edl sets and now edl weapon with only 5 people Lvl 215+ I can say that I'm very proud of my clannies. Idk why this seem to leads to comments like this again. Why we can't just be happy for each other and appreciate the hard work of all clans? As for me I wouldn't wanted post this ...

Re: Dear Concordiia

Greetings from Balor, We on Balor are a drama free bunch. We don't fight, or grief, or drag adds. We don't bother timing bosses, and we just barely got Mordris killed. It seems like you and your kin are losing that stupid war unity (a bunch of aholes from what I've heard). We invite you to restart ...

Re: Which class should I choose?

Okay so I've been wanting to make a new toon but I'm having a really hard time choosing a class because each class has its disadvantages and advantages and it's really hard for me to choose one. So please tell me your opinion. Well comes down to what role you want... If you want to tank then warrio...


Looking for xfer from Balor to Fingal. PM me

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