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Re: Full Rogue Doch Gul Set

I need to mess around with my stats but it's kind of dissapointing I have to dump so many points into vit and focus. http://i1275.photobucket.com/albums/y452/MortalCreed/8E61B037-B751-413E-A26E-E55D79D45A52_zpsedgojxts.png Also my normal attack is 10200 but I'm on an attack lix in this.

Re: Plus 3

I think 17 devices at once is ineffective. No way you could productively manage or level 17 end game useful toons.

Maybe if you brought 17 rangers to gelebron and tried to keep them all on him lol.

No way you could run 17 casters or tanks at once though.

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