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Re: Response to griefing

Most people wouldn't remember but before lock you would stay at the boss the entire kill DPSing and see who got the kill/drops at the end. That was way more exciting and tense than lock battles. Yeah, except the loot when to the group with the INDIVIDUAL with the most damage, meaning you could get ...

Re: Response to griefing

You guys need to educate yourselfs... We didnt interfere with there chance of killing in any way shape or form. If they made smarter groups, and locked. It would have been them to kill. They coulda tried again even when we reset and had our team gathered after 15/20 min of outlock... but nah... ins...

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Curry30423 wrote:I mean to merge servers there would be a lot of downtime since vr would have to manually xfer every toon from one server to the other, same with server xfers as of right now they’d probably have to do it all manually.

I don’t know, the platform merges went pretty well considering the name conflicts.

Re: Gele axe

I'm saying your divine damage calculation is flawed because it doesn't take into account skills (Time spent not autoing) and I think 3000 per proc is a bit of a reach a number like 2400 seems better to me. As I said before with those calculations no skills are taken into account so frenzy, shatter,...

Re: Gele axe

@Robert those calculations are great but doesn't factor in skills at all which axe has the advantage in every skill. That will only grow as you upgrade your fates/axe not to mention the skill points from havocs are quite useful. Physical resists can be up to 94% resisted on raids, im struggling to ...

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