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Re: What happened to Mages? [RANT]

I kind of see what you're saying, but you want to have skills on high damag but don't want to deal with the energy? Try switching up your damage rings for energy boost and sacrifice if you're that desperate for the energy, but maybe invest in sigils? They're really worth it.

Re: Rogue Leveling Guide 1-150

Sorry I don't take advice from plat kids Interesting. If people didn't know, the 'good hardworking player' doesn't pay the server bills, the plat buyers do, which is why it frustrates me when people criticise them, the plat buyers are the reason this game is free (and working), I'm not a large spen...

Re: Poison better than sneaky?

no poison is not better than sneaky because sneak does so much dmg as a first hit, at a higher level poison IS more effective than quick strike because qs only hits for about as much as auto attack, and a maxed poison adds 50ish poison damage per swing and is also castable on other group members ma...

Re: Poison better than sneaky?

Personally, i use both skills, but overall I'd have to give it to poison weapon, with both of them maxed (30/30) and using a +5 sneaky ring, i still find poison more effective because of the long term buff effect, the poison damage i basically un-resist able by any mobs, where as the sneaky attack i...

Re: Account Sharing

They don't usually ban accounts for sharing. Admin has stated that the reason it is against the terms is because they don't want issues with people getting scammed by having account details. They ban accounts for being bought or sold but I haven't seen it just for account sharing. Imo, quit trying ...

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