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Re: Robert The Awesome Rogue-Read

robert, venom dagger gives better overall damage because i can forgo all regen jewelry in place of damage equips have you ever tried sneaky attack on wyvs with lure up? 1.5k+ damage easily also, even though you arent swinging on your own screen when casting a skill, on other peoples screens you do ...

Re: Robert The Awesome Rogue-Read

pigman wrote:Don't drop sneaky or assass, they are our best skills

Sneaky? Hell no!
Assassinate? Maybe, only on bosses though.

My sneaky usually hits 800-100 on wyverns when maxed, my auto hits 500-600, and my auto can hit 3 times in the time of one sneaky.

Re: youtube videos

No, although it may be better to target them at people who haven't played the game, maybe increase awareness and server population.
Eg. Guides, Intros Etc.

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