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Re: SteakPlissken buying/selling

I am now selling lesser solstice gloves 10k invocation of crom offer tartan suit 7k pale wraith 5k skelton servant charm 7500 2 lesser midsummer sets 15k each obsidian pike 22k greater midsummer necklaces 6k each ancient silk pants 10k assorted batmasks , rems, tabs, shards still buying diamond boot...

SteakPlissken buying/selling

Hey guys , im looking to buy a diamond sword, gold prowess helmet, heroic boots. and diamond armor im selling greater solstice gloves and boots 15k each obo, lesser solstice gloves, obsidian pike 30k obo, lesser earthstone boots 30k, 2 lesser midsummer sets 15k a set, skeleton charm 8k, and various ...

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