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Re: Christian debate!

Criminal wrote:
Armo wrote:
Criminal wrote:Yes i think its time to lock, what do u think liv?

It's a debate. Go Google define debate if you don't know what it is.

I think we have seen what they lead to, call it debate or discussion , what ppl do is the exact same thing.


Edit: We can let the moderators/admins decide when to lock.

Re: Christian debate!

Some people here qualify my argument that humans are meant to have a limited lifespan so that such foolish and, quite frankly, detrimental ideas have a decreased chance of staying in our society. If you do not understand what I mean, think about how the younger generation is more accepting of new id...

Re: Mage isnt a serious dps anymore :/

This is the only game where a Mage can even come close to support. It is stupid. Nevertheless, the effect of lures is rather negated now with the recent bosses. The problem does not rise from the hit amounts but the dynamics. Fluctuations and evades kill overall dps to the point where rogues do outd...

Re: Mage isnt a serious dps anymore :/

Otm apparently has everything fixed in the new engine. However, if that is not the case, a Mage is more likely to loose the kill to a rogue now especially since, as Bitey said, almost everything is geared toward the melee classes. A Mage without sigils is not even "in the game" for dps any...

Re: fact or rumour

Just going to post some links. Not to any specific post from a person, but whole topics regarding everything. One of them has a huge detailed explanation from myself and one or two from others. At times you may want to focus less on the information and more on the tone in order to paint a better pic...

Re: Ipad Air and Celtic Heroes?

I think it is great. The iPad itself is thin but as adverts say it does have a somewhat durable feel when you are holding it. In any case, you have the same risk of damage as all types of iPads fair well against regular use and will break from your usual fall height (from a table, from your hand whi...

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