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Re: Raise awareness

I was circumcised when I was an infant. I don't experience any negative effects and I am definetely happy it was done at a time when I did not theoretically understand pain. I do not remember the pain and I do not have to worry about any complications of a foreskin (certain infections, tearing, etc....

Re: Ok lets bring this to a close

Let's bring this to a close by opening a nueee shi!t post. Attention deficit syndrome is hard to treat. Keep bumping your post when no one responded until u get the attention u crave for to feed your condition. Lol this post has been dead for a few days now .... Your a bit late to the hate party lo...

Re: Druid Vs mage

Druid vs Mage? That's like asking which type of potato cam is better for making a vid. Both need so much work to the point that there shouldn't be anymore mage or druid vs. It should be rogue vs warrior and maybe ranger.


Has anyone ever attempted to use this type of situation to make a case for level restrictions in the arena? ie a range of levels for which a player can attack, only superseded when the lower level attacks first. One could also emphasise the fact that there is only one arena for such a large range of...

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