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Re: Remember when...

...the sea and waterways weren't filled with waterlogged boots? Yes, there was a time when the fair waters of Dal Riata were clean and pure; unspoilt' by the castoffs of hero feet. Announcing Project Re-boot! Take back the seas of Dal Riata, and help barefoot beggars at the same time! Take up a fish...

Re: Official Server Transfer

Aileron wrote:There's no guarantee a server transfer will enable players seeking endgame play to get it on a new server. There has to be a major reason why someone doesn't make it, and most of the time it's not server specific.

Usually it's BO.

Don't transfer servers, just get Dial.

Re: Make iOS great again

Get rid of the cross platforming and make iOS servers pure once again! Android has brought nothing but lag and crashes more constantly already. Down with android! We need to build a wall to keep android users from invading our servers. There is a legitimate way for android users to access our serve...

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