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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Leveling is up one the most boring aspects of the game, and now you are saying that you will nerf the flower quest lmao. This is no "bug". They want us to buy platinum so we can get our lixes and unfathomable. This game is trash. They did the same thing with the sentinel quest.

Re: Platinum OFF WALL free offers where are they now?

I was wondering if the free platinum wall offers will be returning anytime soon? Not just the gambling ones either but useful ones that appeal to gamers :) Im curious, did anyone actually use them? Aside from the obvious glitch when tower came out. Yes, I have a lot of times. Mostly to get platinum...

Re: database failed in Lir

Zyz wrote:
darleyFernandes wrote:please check the base date of Lir, in 4 years killing Necro, we do not have any Necro Ice blast bracer on the whole server yet. I checked the database in the forum and this should exist. Ty

They exist. However, unfortunately, one might never drop in Lirs.

Actually, I have seen one godly .

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