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Re: PVP level limitations?

Sir Blaze333 wrote:
I'mdead wrote:They have to be 1-20 levels below you I believe.

Sometimes 15 levels below you is too low. It's hard to tell...

Is there any restriction on players above your level or do you always gain exp regardless of how much above you they are?

Re: Best complete equipment/jewelry sets with no level req.?

Yes that helped a ton;however, I'm still at a loss for #1 A decent misc item and #2 2 Decent bracelets No doubt an amulet from the lux shop will fill that slot and there are plenty of rings to be found. Aside from that though, what about a weapon and offhand? Is there a vendor that sells good ones o...

Best complete equipment/jewelry sets with no level req.?

I'm afraid this may be a matter of opinion, but is there certain equipment that is known to be the best possible for low levels? If anyone happens to know what the best items for each slot are including weapon/offhand and all jewelry I would be curious. To narrow it, #1 I'm looking for combat gear s...

PVP level limitations?

Let me confine this to duels in the castle courtyard and ignore the arena for now. I have yet to find out what factors effect PVP exp from duels, it appears to work differently than PVE. If anyone knows how the levels work (how much lower or higher level than you someone can be and still give you ex...

Steady Aim/Rapid shot questions

#1 Can they both be used at the same time? #2 Where can the steady aim skill tome be found? (It isn't in the ranger skill vendor's stock) #3 Does steady aim have a short enough cooldown to keep it up 100% of the time and if not how long is the duration and cooldown? #4 If you keep adding skill point...

Re: Is solo in a Druid's vocabulary?

Well I would max embrace vines lightning and bark, but I'm still tempted to take half out of lightning and put it in touch for healing up in between mobs and survival as well. Based on a few builds embrace appears way better than I first thought. I find it quite remarkable that stretch can survive f...

Re: Is solo in a Druid's vocabulary?

The replies are much appreciated from all of you. It seems that each of your builds vary somewhat with play style and what you train on. I have a build in mind that's a little different then any mentioned so far: Max embrace, Max vines, half max touch (with max embrace will touch need to be at more ...

Re: Mage build help

SolidScorpion wrote:I would strongly suggest sacrifice b/c with that and ur eshield you have virtually infinite energy supply.

I find that interesting as I have read several complaints about energy issues. Do most mages simply opt for more dps and less energy?

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