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Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello All, I started playing during the 2011 Yuletide Event and created my actual main,Hred,in Summer 2012,but at the End of 2012 I stopped playing regulary and only played like once a month for a hour. Now I am back and I am actually focusing on getting Lux Target than leveling. Major Clans I've b...

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is jacob and I started playing in December of 2011 on my trusty 2nd gen ipod. I've been in these major clans Unbreakable Nitro Blackrose Honour Omegatriad And that one clan beatz made in 2012-2013 before he joined prime Currently I am playing as Jacobisback in nitro and I am returning...

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