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World Xfer Arawn --> Crom

Items Transferring or Selling. (Selling For Gold In Crom; Items Are On Arawn)

Heroic Ammy of Rejuvination
Heroic Gloves of Haste
Golden Fire Quiver
Super Combos
Greater Solstice Set

Buying Platinum On Arawn For The Items In Crom Aswell

Crom Classes

Easiest to level/Most needed class in Crom currently? May start playing over here as a vaca from arawn drama :)

Re: Deleted

Ok not to provoke any anger or problems to continue but i sold an Aggy drop about the time when i started my rogue Zesq while in Serenity when clan was still so to say "active", it was a Celerity Trident. I had never heard the rule of no sellling so i admit to my wrong and apologize for an...

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