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Re: Woah...

lol most are just explorin and in my opinion arawn is better but crom does have some things better than arawn

Arawn To Crom World Transfer

Items Transferring or Selling. (Selling For Gold In Crom; Items Are On Arawn)

Heroic Ammy of Rejuvination
Heroic Gloves of Haste
Golden Fire Quiver
Super Combos
Greater Solstice Set

Buying Platinum On Arawn For The Platinum Items In Crom Aswell

Re: New to server

lego i found him is he:

Lvl (1)50ish
Named Nueee
Has Lux
Is Nub
Best walker? Any of this sound like him ( i take cash or check)


Hey, currently ill be paying for plat on arawn with gold but would like to receive the items on the server Crom

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