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About How Long Is It Between The Summer Dragons, Been Camping The Level 75 for Almost 9 Hours Which Is Personally Way To Long Between Mobs For A Level 75 Boss

Re: 10 celtic heroes Masters

Thank you sirblaze for clearing that point up, personally your a master just not the master for everybody, you have your own general type of students you attract yet the same with brookie, although yes he does complain commonly with this update, he just needs to master the art of debating his though...

Re: 10 celtic heroes Masters

Idk bout yall but i dont know any others who have leveled three characters to 150 with no lix or plat thats y i believe bella shud b up here as well as many serenity n badabing memebers who do not post on forums, Caliban is my number one to me as he does not complain frst off like yall and has done ...

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