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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Well,when you guys doget working on the new engine, i have an idea. Make a seperate 'game within a game' tab on the log in screen and make the 'game within a game' be the original celtic heroes. No lux, no store, original castle, lirs, crookback and dust. Nothing above thehammered redclaw type armor...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Just saying, one thumb mobile is a much better name than virtual realms. May just be the familiatity of it but it sounds more professional. Even the abbrieviation is better, i mean ‘otm’ makes me think of a business while ‘vr’ makes me think of crappy 90s graphics à la the lawnmower man. (Yes im old)

Re: Big Thanks to the Developers

Just sent a message to muldar asking if what i saw was real. This game is a cult hit and means so much to so many ppl. I met my wife, something that never would have happened without ch. She escaped abuse due to us meeting. This game has helped so many ppl in so many ways, i just want them to know t...

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