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Re: Faction switch question

HarmsWay wrote:Have you redone the questline?

Yes I believe so. All quests offered by the three reavers in the reaver shop area and the onethat starts the daily are complete. As far as i can tell all quests up to the weekly quest are complete, are there any others?

Faction switch question

So, i switch my faction. As a dg ranger i need hp and resistances, so, i decided the t4 reaver ring was the way to go. One problem, i was t4 in lichs. So, i grinded my ass off and am now t2 in reaver, but, i dont have the quest to hand in shards. I can turn in crystals no problem, but no shard quest...

Bought plat, got the recipt from apple, never got the plat.

Title says it all. This a common thing now? Yes i messaged support from in game from the account i purchased from. Yes the account is linked to my email. No support has not responded. Yes im getting pissed with this on top of everything else thats wrong with the game since the update.

Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

Wasnt trying to distespect epona, what i am trying to do is figure out the answers to those 'questions' i put forth. Im from rhiannon, the server is dying, and i feel that the best way to save it is if clans work together. The problem is, theres a long history of anamosity between clans, a feeling t...

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