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Gele bash glitch

Has this been fixed? Im talking about where if you bash gele just before the type appears where he casts barrier he will freeze but then the type appears and he casts barrier while frozen (bashed) and then no bash will stop any barrier after that happens. Hope i explained that right. I seem to remem...

Re: Faction switch question

True, but, why take away the shards quest? If you grind your way from t4 of one factiont to t2 or even t3 of the other why take away the only quest that can really get you t4 in a reasonable amount of time? Ive been playing this game from the beginning so i get that otm was never about letting its ...

Re: Faction switch question

Well in the beginning you were beating the living s*** out of the faction that you now wanna join so I can understand why they wouldn't offer you much trust :lol: But now ive beat twice as much hell out of my old faction to prove my loyalty to the new one! (Of course if otm had bothered to show us ...

Re: Faction switch question

Achieving t4 shops from both factions should offer some sort of a reward, like an added bonus when all lux gear is equipped. Not an easy task getting there. I disagree. Changing factions isn't something that's intended for players to do. It's an available option for people who change their minds. I...

Re: Faction switch question

T3 now and no shard quest. Im thinking you seriously cant get the quest if you changed factions. This absolutely sucks. I already have both quivers, i only get 50 points per 4 star mob and the daily will take me months to get t4. Who thought this was a good or fair idea VR? I have 500 shards that co...

Re: Faction switch question

HarmsWay wrote:Have you redone the questline?

Yes I believe so. All quests offered by the three reavers in the reaver shop area and the onethat starts the daily are complete. As far as i can tell all quests up to the weekly quest are complete, are there any others?

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