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Re: What would you prefer - one arena or several arenas?

I state my viewpoint. Maybe it's because I live, work and compete in NYC, and others have a more rural or suburban affable quality about them. That's not me. Teaweasel Highway http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7hFDiVUcLUo/TZBf66SIKcI/AAAAAAAAEl4/m_K7J58Q4fM/s640/crazy-traffic-jam-05.jpg My Highway http://n...

Warriors do to much damage.

I wanted to compile of few quotes from "Class balance needs addressing now" posted by Drizzit. I found some interesting statistic's posted among the 6 pages of discussion, that should be addressed in a easier to read layout. Also, I've heard and agreed with concerned voices in my clan abou...

Re: Good tank

Yes, you are correct. I restatted my warrior. Even frost belly misses/ gets dodged/ get blocked. I have a new build that i am not willing to share yet due to the future pvp update. After I have my fun, I will share the stats. I can still tank with this pvp build (Its really usefull)

This post?

Re: about tanks

So I did a little experiment, was forced after the overwhelming community support. I've also restatted. Im still a tank, but I have a secret build. My results are not scientific and are subject to intense scrutiny. please, if you have issues with my results test yourself and post please. I AM ALSO W...

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