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Re: The story of phurious: Sequel

Ok, guys, gals, non gender specific, A sexual, what ever floats your boat. I want to cut to the chase, why this sence less bickering back and forth? Where is the point, because I've tried to read this babble. It reads of pre pubescent forum cinnamon roll, If flexing your vile tongues/fingers is your...

Re: Father bp

I'll back that up, Father/IV is one of the most generous players on Arawn. So who ever is hounding him, grow some balls and do it on the forums. There is a laundry list of players who will vouch for him.

Re: Im pretty sick of

Doing the dishes, going to work, paying bills, belly aching, pumping my own gas, tieing my own shoes, not being level 150 but I'm not putting the work(or money) into it, not having leather couches, lack of sleep, waking up daily. I assume this is how you play the, I'm pretty sick of.. Game. Nueee al...

Selling some stuff

Hey all, looking at being more active. That means gearing up so I'm selling some old relics to fund this endeavor. Darkflame Set Connacht set, well not set I never got boots and gloves because they were same color as speed boots and haste gloves Golden Camouflage Charm--if price is right. Send me a ...

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