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Re: Locking questions

Get to 190 so can use occult armor. Also remember that cunning is better for locking than just dex so if you can get cunning gear from clan, use it.

And yes, the 150 haste dagger is way better than the 180 one so don't waste your gold on it.

Re: Lvl 190 lock rogue stats

Why not "waste" a reaper if my main is a mage and I don't have any other high level rogues or rangers? Btw I have a void str halberd and godly eternal rest ring- those go a long way towards getting nice stats. Not sure why people think I'm just trying to brag, but having a solid lock toon...

Re: Serious question for otm

I think it is more a being conscious of clannies not having the same views (like starting a religious argument even if it was not saying bad words) and realising not everyone has to have the same opinions or thoughts or beliefs as you but that does not make yours or theirs any better or any worse th...

Re: Aint got nothing

I only play for the ppl in this game, they make all the difference between just another game to a great game. Can see the names of a two in my signature (not the quotes, BlackMamba is a noob). Same reason I have been playing nearly every day since January 2012. Come for the cheesy graphics (u2 ftw ...

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