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Re: Wiz

I just came back home this past week. You all need to get your behinds back here hahaha

Re: Transferring

betus wrote:Lol you dont like braves or res?

They said they get gear first unless it is a braves or res member. My question is why make a brand new forum account just to post this and seem like you are trying to hide who you are on the one you are coming from.

Re: The minI event

The ridiculous thing is why do 230+ toons even care about the 200 Spider? Because it has great loot and blows away loot drops from a level 220 boss like Proteus and we have over 10 gele light heal rings in the bank all rotting and disgusting. This is all on OTM's poor design on drops. If Proteus ac...

Re: The minI event

Muldar you might look at stuff like having a weekend where (mord, necro, proteus, gele) raid bosses spawn every 8 hours with a 10 min window where only shadow and void str and vit Spears, shadow and godly attack helms drop, bow and dagger ring, attack bracers, touch/Dmg mage skulls, etc. If you did...

Re: Clan Hoppers

Add to that list people who are emotionally unstable and create a dramplosion and quit the clan. Sometimes even return gear (if that's a thing). After a cooling period they then either rejoin or join a new clan and the process repeats. You need stable responsible people for a clan to work on those ...

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