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Re: All the bustle in Beleneus

im sure that renesans will top on advocate when advocatekings starts, cuz the highest lvls will be there but i think that most of the ppl in advocate doing better than ppl in other clans, lvling faster, getting gold faster, getting rejuv and armour faster, for clan with req of lvl 60 melee and 50 ca...

Re: All the bustle in Beleneus

Criminal, I know you aren't lvl req for Renes yet but in general if you want to try out a new clan go for it. Advocate will be behind you supporting you. We will still be friends, help you for bosses, and even share items with you that you need if we have extra. If you like it better, stay there, o...

Re: Prices

oak is even more than 3-4k, u can sell it for 7-8k
and its rare to find someone who selling crown for 5k, maybe 8k or 7k

but yea its mostly like this

Re: Clan Avocate members- Don't feel bad about leaving the c

Saviors Rule! yea my friend wanted me to move to LL and i didnt want to, i went there once even it was hard :D but they're not like advocate, if a lot of ppl from adcovate will become high lvl like 116+ we can join Kings and then no one can call us noobs! its not like someone called YoungEnigma noob...

Re: All the bustle in Beleneus

my friend TheKisser is there and he told me about that, and i saw the clan from in and out, but i still think its noot good idea for u idk why, but i always wanted to join to TheCrew just cuz i love the name and stuff and also, whats the idea to combain the clans again, but now with a diffrent chief...

Re: What is clan Advocate all about?

kiykiy, its not funny to be higher lvl and jk about lower lvls its like i'll laugh if someone will scam u anyway, theres some ppl that hates everyone in the clan just cuz someone in the clan was mean to them it happend just some days ago, and 2 from elementals hated me cuz they thought that im plasm...

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