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Re: Lost my book of alteration

OMG IM SO MAD AT THIS GLITCH!!! I was wearing my old knight plate suit and had my COMPLETE redclaw outfit in my inventory. So I went to the merchants to sell some stones I obtained from fighting bosses in the catacombs and I clicked on the diamond and clicked sell and then clicked on the pearl and c...

Visit the new website!!!!!!!!!

Guys please visit the new Celtics website. It will obviously be about Celtic Warriors and it will also have other info but keep in mind it IS fan made. On the site I will have a page, this page will had SUB pages and each subpage will have a clan on it, if you are a Chieftan (such as myself) I will ...

New Website

A new website has been made and it will be super good when people start commentin and more pages are added. It's http://www.CelticHeroes.wordpress.com. We have a clans page so if you have clan tell us your info and all of your members and we will post your clan on the clans page. :D hurry up and vis...

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