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Re: Ranger Training Tactics/Strategies

Ok mine is this if im usin xp lix,heroic haste like and regen lix. Longshot Bolas Move back Auto Auto Etc lol Longshot And before i even start i do this use steady aim then sharpen weapons then defensive spike:) i like my build im lvl110 ranger but i sold my +6 crush damage so only do 497 without st...

Re: yay

I got mine back yesterday:) got it taken for a week though

World xfer

Im doin a world xfer from crom to rhiannon. Onlyh xfering a little bit of gold. My in game name is TheHobbit.

Re: Touch scammer

And thats how i got my acc taken!!! Btw its the real and original ryguy. They used terius' name, or i think someone got ahold of his acc and i was exited for my parents cuz just got home from bahamas and there goes my acc. Ask the ppl in game to send u requests, they cud do what they did to me. Than...

Double attack skill broke?

My ranger friend showed me some good skills and i got double attck as a drop,. His worked when he showed me, it wont work for me or another friend..., Why? Plz fix i think it got messed up in patch,( we are all rangers, friends worked and he wasd ranger.., me and otheer rangers wont work) plz fix th...

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