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Re: HeroesAge

Will Virtual Releams now create content for the Thai version as well as the Celtic Heroes version? - Will Celtic Heroes receive features from the Thai version anytime soon? - What distinct differences will be made in both game versions (I'm sure Thai people are used to different kind of playstyle, c...

Re: All our hard work? Heroes age

It’s just a game and anyone who thought it was an “investment” probably shouldn’t be allowed to spend money on something like this in general. It’s entertainment and nothing more and any money put into the game is money gone basically. The game could end tomorrow for all we know and that is what it...

Re: All our hard work? Heroes age

Help stabbing the payers like you? GTFO No. People have spent years building up their own toons, met many great people ingame, and have dropped tons of money into this game. Last thing we need is negative talk about the game being taken down for good. This is a big deal for many people It’s just a ...

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