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Re: Carnage without bosses

With all my respect Tadaaah, I don't think that this is what players wanted. The last thing we all want to do is camp even more. Also its been very vague until last minute what this event is all about, there are people staying up for this event (currently 4 am for them) and expected legacies to be u...

Re: Please elaborate

Tadaaah wrote:
Beso wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:I'm not sure how it was set up in the past.

Then how is it set up nw.....all random spawns?

All the RANDOM!

Can you at least spoil if we will see Legacy Adds coming back hehe

Re: Please elaborate

Will we see a comeback with Legacy adds? legacies are in areas with a bunch of other high lol mobs having legacy adds and normal adds would be a huge pain True but could be all Mordy Pit legacies are taken out and belong to the forgotten 20 bosses list. Why else state that 20 Bosses have not been t...

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