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Re: Chest Promotion Event: Server Restart at 1am PST

Yay another reset... When will OTM/VR whateveryawanacallit make it so they can patch through these very simple events without resets? Make that the next gift please ._. Sincerely, Majority of players who are getting worn out with resets The events are nice but not this hodgepodge. There needs to be...

Re: Please elaborate

The community is getting sick of camping because it wasn’t meant to be camped in the first place. More of like an exploring spot check event. It’s like going to a utensil factory and complain that you are getting tired of drinking soup with a fork. We all know that players don't stumble on these Bo...

Re: Please elaborate

After the disappointment of the Glasgow department, closing we were told that OTM will do their best to make it up to us. This, in my opinion, has not happened yet. Sure we are having these events but this is something that has been done over the years. Tadaaah, you've been with the Team for over 5m...

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