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Re: Bans?

A clanny got banned for “botting”. He never botted. Not sure how otm established he botted and banned him. On the other hand, there are toons in a rival clan account that are logged 24 by 7 but not banned. Those are clearly shared accounts rival clan used to help lock bosses. Otm needs to wake up. ...

Re: CG Boss Tampering

It’s quite simple imo. Griefing is a part of the game, so long as it’s within the intended mechanics. Exploitations of bugs or glitches are cheating and in these cases VR needs to step in and issue some bans/warnings. That being said, any clan that has to restort to tampering or griefing isn’t a cl...

CG Boss Tampering

With all respect to Moderators, I want to find out what others think of those actions. This is not a way of provoking anyone and I did not shame anyone's name in my Topic before. I am posting this to find out what developers think about this issue as well as if it will be addressed because OTM, in a...

Re: New Arawn Clan: Myth

Very interesting, maybe you could tell us how gear will be distributed? This will help people to read on how you do it and compare it with the clan they are now in.

Lots of Luck

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Asking for more details on the 220+ penalty removal. I don't want to say anything concrete without double checking. As for older devices, we'll try to keep the requirements to install and play as low as possible. I'm not sure how the upgrade will affect these yet. We may not fully know till later d...

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