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Dragon Lord Armour Needs/Wants

Whatever happens with the crown vote, it might help us all if we communicated a little better about what we needed and what we had. I am happy to lend/trade with my friends and friends of friends to help us all get stronger. gloves (150) 2 gem, 2 egg boots (155) 2 gem, 2 urn helm (160) 3 egg, 3 urn ...

Re: Horn and crown drops

Making this post after talking with more high lvls that unless you have full dragonlord armour horn and crown drops will be diced between these players so they can get their weapons first and not by players who only have couple of dl pieces of armour. Uh, don't you need horns for the BP? I can unde...

Re: Next Hrungnir fight

So the beast has awakened from his few day slumber and is waiting to be slain. When shall we take this monster? Adds on the left, Adds on the right, Bashers on Hrungnir, oh what a sight. We kill the beast again tomorrow, be there at noon, That's 12 central standard time, not in Rangoon. Drops will ...

Re: Build Advice Needed!

You and I are quite alike.... I resolved to these skills and the met bow: Bolas Long Shot Sharp Shot Rapid Shot Light Heal When casted in this order you gain a rather nice intial 1-2k dmg dealt by the longshot and the sharp, followed by an array of arrows. While I liked the obsidean bow dmg, I find...

Re: Sanctuary

Yes Davies, this is the point of the spell ,but its value for skill investment needs tweaking. At higher levels mobs hit hard enough that at skill levels between 8-15 it really only negates an one average attack. But isn't that all you often need? Many druids use NB and that really helps keep us al...

Re: Build Advice Needed!

Thanks for all the responses, however I think the biggest point most of you are missing is that obsideon bow has 225 damage. I tried restating, and invested in the following: Longshot (2013 damage -must be an omen-) Sharp Shot (1026 damage) Double Shot (1890 damage -auto*2-) Steady Aim (+92 Damage)...


Foxgloves are purple,
camping boggans is a bore.
Hrunghir is up today,
Let's put him on the floor.

I don't think Azz is around to get us organized today. Can we do this later today?

Re: Breaking Badder

toycat wrote:
Looking forward to see your doing
Wishing you less posting and more fun playing


This is my last post
Thank you for rhyming with me
That's all I wanted


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