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Re: i was hacked.

rouge1235 wrote:
Community wrote:I have checked the chat logs for this account, and the username and password has been previously shared.

Please do not share your account details, as this is the only way that someone can gain access to your account.

jaxton I have sent you a PM regarding this issue.

Physic! Likaboss 8-)

haha :)

Re: Favorite people in world

deadeye wrote:
TemplarKnight wrote:Lol Kolare and Cantorix like I said, nobody likes elite when they ks all of our other clans during bossfights, and idgaf if they read it or not, like I said they can suck my *** :D


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Book or Trident

James, he is a level 87 Druid. Ok first, I'm a lvl 77 and I have 134 focus (without grimmoire)
After using a rebirth book. So 10 levels appart and he has 185 focus
That's about ask much as you can get. 500 focus?? That's too much.

Re: Admins read

I don't know why so many people keep saying they have been scammed or "hacked". The only way you can be scammed or "hacked" is if your stupid enough to agree with someone. and also if you store passwords inside your email. but we are responsible to secure our own passwords and u...

Re: Good Clans in Mabon

godslayers, pretty good clan i guess, but masmar is having a small bit of trouble. Hellsarcher got into our clan :shock: we need to boot him out fast.
if any generals are looking at this post, please boot him, hes been known to be a scammer and pretty much everyone on mabon knows.

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