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Re: Soooooo

Bitey wrote:
Serenify wrote:Res is gay.

Yes. All of us in Res are actually gay. Except for Legolas. He is reaaaallllllyyyy gay ;)

Omg yes. What does a gay horse say? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Re: Arawn Heralds a New Era

It was going great until my high king passed away from disease. Apparently, the fact he sired 17 children out of wedlock was harmful to his health. His name was Elsa and he saw more holes than a gopher. :shock: http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view/973622/surprised-gopher-o.gif Lmao! I totally just choke...

Re: Arawn Heralds a New Era

Gratz! I always thought BigD was the chief I'm way outta the loop as usual lol Apologies for being extremely inactive. RL stuff and I can't seem to find my ch mojo ATM. However, you'll be delighted to hear I have a little bit of time for gaming and I've been playing total war. It was going great unt...

Re: EDL Druid offhand

^Ability is mostly for skills' accuracy and some dmg, but druids mostly heal and buff. Id choose mordy grim too, but for lvling perhaps it could be really nice for druids. 'Ability is mostly for skill accuracy' I didn't know nature's touch could miss. I took off my bloodthorn ring and replaced with...

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