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Re: Resurgences Fall

When you dont realize Braves chief is Res Clansman and many of braves toons are also Res alts... smh i wonder if the person who started this thread even plays here :lol: Braves is feeder for Res so if Res falls and Braves rises to the top... did Res actually fall or did the person who started this ...

Re: Resurgences Fall

The Time is Coming, Resurgence has been at the top for long but now their reign is coming to an end. The question is who will step up? Braves, Dragonsouls, Malestrom, or pehaps a new clan. the time has come. we can all see it, just face it. Resurgence players are getting bored. its time for.....THE...

Re: Arawns clans

they are better ranked. but not very active. i barely ever see them on. Ooh we have developed chameleon powers, awesome! Edited because I had to look up spelling for chameleon. Not a word I use often. Learn something new every day :) Did someone say something? I can’t see anybody... hmm must be voi...

Re: Maelstrom Clan

Omg yes,I love fish!

Fun Fact: Koi fish will eat just about anything that will fit in their mouth.

It’s really awesome to see two clans can work together and share boss drops without bringing in the drama llama.

Maelstrominions love working with DS they give warm hugs n whatnot.

Maelstrom Clan

I’d like to take a smidgeon of peoples time and advocate for clan maelstrom. It’s a smaller clan roughly 230 total toons and probably close to 100 actives or so. Currently recruiting all levels. We ask for people to behave themselves n whatnot cutting back on potty talk when possible and offer most ...

Re: For a better Arawn

I don't see how that comment was helpul or useful to this argument............. It was kinda useful, however I think the clan requirements stated were a tad steep. Change only clan requirement to must have ability to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Kinda like Lamaze class. Beyond that you ...

Re: Honorable people

Omg I’m so honorable! In some countries I think I would be knighted n whatnot.

Also, I’m oozing of awesome sauce, soo much I needed to shower at least twice a day, sometimes thrice.

Finally, I can play the ukulele like it’s nobodys business...

Re: My peeps

Yah know I wanted to go to college too, but momma told the fool’s ball coach to not to go fillin’ my simple head with all those crazy dreams of school and college and things of that sort.

Anyhoo, what momma don’t know won’t hurt her...

Glad to hear your doing good duuuuude :)

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