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Guild Masters Coat

Selling a Guild Masters Coat(white coat) 750k or Trading for 50 Spooky chests or a new reaper lux ring msg me in game if your interested or post other offers below


Sparkly Black crown 450k Wand of Hallows 200k Bards Flute 200k Greater Beltane staff(50%Black) 200k Purple Covern 500k Sparkly Purp lanrik legs(offer) Reg purp Lanrik Connacht Vanq Gloves 40k acceptin spooky chests

New Build

Heyy everyone just wanted to check with ya'll what ya think about my new build I use a royal energy ring to cover the energy loss from the dl set(haven't gone the ring on in the stats pic) 2 royal aggy rings, 1 80 dmg hrung ring A maj vit and dex riftskull brace, 80dmg 500hp 300cunnin hrung brace T...

Re: ancient beltane chests

Over 7k plat, first second an third rarest staffs, 400k+ in gold, 250+ super knows, 1k+ pots an idols, over 4m in lixes, over 2m in sigils, 325k in charms, 2 lutes, load of sunlit an wigs etc from about 500+ chests

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