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Xfer from mabon to rhian

Looking for a xfer from mabon to here mostly looking to xfer 5mil gold-most likely be using a 3rd person to xfer the gold Shield of bastion Any 80% mount Upto 500sks will give gold on mabon for sks on Rhiannon same with idols pots an all lixes Purp lanrik and full purp sunbound set without mask and ...

Lirs spirits

Anyone else having the same luck as me? Seems the drop rates of mounts hats etc go higher each event killed maybe 2.8k spirits or getting close and only had a 10% skimmer at the 2000kill mark and 13 or so yuletide instruments. In the pic is pre much all the crystals ive got off the spirits lol hopin...

Re: Event drop rates

Yea Hopefully they'll bring out some good events with a lot more content and scrap the events which half or more of the drops have no use to us. Wouldn't mind seeing events like 2011 or the 2012 ones again but with alot more content hoping they bring day or night into it aswell or snow/rainy .

Event drop rates

Guessin not much people bother with the spirits around lirs but whys the skimmer drop rate so low lol killed 1.9k+ spirits and I've only had a 10% skimmer which I got around the 1.9k mark, also i have around 8-9 yuletide instruments but there too dull to even b happy about getting, also there's 2gra...

Re: No ranger drops in ages

Different on every world:p on mabon there's was 2good hrung godly ranger braces and a imp or minghta been 2cant remember but on mabon its rogues that have that sorta luck lol mostly been junk war braces which none would use or foc spears and loada decent mage rings

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