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so i'm kind of obsessed with japanese stuff... its sooo awesome xD Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is like the best japanese singer O_O shes hot ._. so is suzuka nakamoto o_o if you dont know who they are google them.

Re: What how why????

:O SANDY :) lololol i am not dullololol o_O anywayyy... ermm Arawn is broken now lol people are noobs i hate certain people (i never did before) people are rude and deserve to be sentenced to death by t-bag O_O :twisted:

Re: Break

OLY O_O :D i don't dislike you and i don't see how people could dislike you :) you're awesome

gl with your life and return soon :)




this pic represents arawn and i have no idea how so dont ask ._.

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