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Re: We're like the only world that

IF I FIND SOMEONE BEING UNFRIENDLY I SHALL RAWR AT THEM o.o :) o.O unless its me being unfriendly then i give people permission to RAWR at me also i don't really play anymore so i doubt anyone will see me being unfriendly and people have been unfriendly to me in game and other worlds suck Arawn is u...


hey peoples :) well im not exactly back i log in everytime i can but im currently busy with college work and im starting to create my own pc game and im also learning to write some new coding languages hopefully when im done i can start to create games programs tools etc anyway i will try to come on...


you wont be seeing me around for awhile for irl reasons... if i dont return tell my wife i said hello.


whisper meh in game if you need my help :) idec who it is tbh i will try to help in anyway i can lol also my clan is still recruiting if anyone wants to join. lol my clan isnt really against any other clan on this server but if anyone annoys my members i will have to destroy you. i will RAWR!!!!!!!!...


ermmm soooo my clan KelpieKumKrew is getting bigger... and stronger... and almost everyone is welcome to join O_O also... because my clan is getting bigger... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DisTN-2x3EU basically im taking over my server... i will not stop until theres a KelpieKumKrew member in every...

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