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Re: open chests on lvl 1

To me it looks like the higher the level better chance, I open on my ramger I got 2 95 rides so far, an many 80 rides, open on my mage lower level all elix an fashion. I think higher has the better chance personally. This patch i got 2 rides in 100 chests.


What's happening with crafting and fishing? Now your aiming for a mount system will we ever see these skills or has priority to expand been overcome by cost effectiveness? I would like something to do other than dwell an grind, not ride a horse that does what other items do just as effectively. Hone...

Fishing etc....

What's the crack with the crafting an fishing in update, or is it another case of plat the useless stuff an wait? I mean fashions old now an there's enough types of mount for a different one each week. Just wondered when grinding ends an game broadens the stuff to do.

Im out

Raza has quit cos I hate most of you players cos your all stuck up ****ks. But for the few i did get along with peace out. Won't be returning, will also dish out anything I have left over to those i like if I see you online in next 2 hours. If not I'll mail the items. Cya cypo, Ik you will follow so...

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