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New brace

The new 140 brace regens wont stack with my wyldgrove brce regens. Everything else applies exceot the regens. If they not gonna stack i want a refund on my brace for 675k.
Let me know where we at once you taken a look.

Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

From an ex kudos member this post is propaganda. You do have leaders, an yes they did leave. As for class leaders everyone reporting to imjamin to discuss which would make him next leader. Or how about just accept the clan is **** an get over it. As for your last statement no one is ignored that's c...


Is gandalf, just for those who hate him which is half of danu.

Re: 2 Days Till Double Platinum!

nobody knew there would be a sale as it was usually a month or two back, hence the ammount ing sum of posts asking about double plat. Me personally idc I got 2 new rides in 100 chests im sorted. Just seeing as it's a money making tatic it would make sense to put it out where it would draw in the mos...

Re: 2 Days Till Double Platinum!

This is a bad idea, a week later is a better plan seen as most people spent their money last weekend due to there being no specified date. However if you chose to do it a week later you will hit UK player base pay date of the end of the month therefore bringing in a larger sum due to them having mor...

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