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Re: Battlemounts

I use mine more for a means of speed boost rather than skill. So for ranger my level 6 horse works well for bolas. In terms of whistles I just visit castle after every boss

Re: Should spawn windows of older bosses be shorten after gardens releases.

Make snorri drop crowns only, then shift all loot tables on dl down one boss so snorri loot table on sreng, sreng on 165 165 to 160. Then maybe just maybe if glashtyn drops eggs people might actually kill it and we have 3 bosses with chance to drop crowns. just and idea.

Re: Clan War Servers

Danu has active clans. Top clan is clearly stronger than rest but it’s all down to luck and chance of who finds what when and who’s on. Had competition forever but if you considering it top clan isactive through all levels there is lesser clans at lower bosses. can work your way all the way through....


So my brother has been banned for no reason for over a week now just wondering what kind of compo they getting for the weeks worth of xp lixing and playing he's missed out on along with all other android users that have been banned? Don't fob it off either I understand otm busy and probably still ba...

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