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Re: ''Rule''

Gotta say no to lock at start. If it was set like mordis then yes. If we took the time and set grps then yea. But lock at start doesn't allow people to show. Look at today's boss people was waiting at snorri pit to start mordis. So no to lock at start.

Re: I need your help please

I lagged out on the 200 5* a couple days ago, missed dicing completely and nobody rolled for me, oh well. Ty Venus +1^^. Really not saying this because rand is a clan member. If u lagged rand rolled, dm gave him drop. Then the drop is his. If this isn't the case then I want mordy spear this happene...

Re: Revote on 188+ dbl dicing

again ... many have voted that 1 and 2 are not, and should not be, the only options. a basic 185 was the initail rule, and thats what we used last mordi next we used 185 but added 188+ for 190 items since then many 190 mobs were added.. so we used simple 185 again. this voting will not mater until ...

Re: Revote on 188+ dbl dicing

Ok my post so can go off topic if I like. Adeb telling me to stfu or gtfo. Was uncalled for very much. U was arguing in grp chat. I only made the comment less arguing more fighting mordy. So no your rude ass comments was uncalled for. And lugh doesn't want a dom clan adeb. If that's what u r seeking...

Re: Revote on 188+ dbl dicing

This vote should be postponed until we figure out what we want our options to be. There's a few other good options being discussed. Forcing people to vote between either getting rid of one option that isn't working that well or the other lone option that thor wants isnt good policy imo. Lets discus...

Revote on 188+ dbl dicing

Simple enough lets do a revote. For double dicing on 190 req boss drops.

1. Keep it the same (so 188+ gets to double dice for 190 req boss drops)

2. Let people 185+ dice as normal for all drops

I vote option 2

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