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Re: Prized Pike

For the past 20 minutes, I couldn’t find a single prized pike, than something I’ve never seen before appeared. https://i.postimg.cc/4y7FhBjh/73938-C44-32-ED-4-FEF-A31-C-331-C96747-D60.png Sadly that glitch has been fixed. Now if you want to make decent gold fishing you need to lvl to 185+. There yo...

Ranger skills balance

May rangers seriously get longshot/barbed shot buffs? Atm for a dps class, they’re doing pretty bad. Warriors who can be excellent tanks can also be excellent dps (better than rangers)... that’s 2 roles they can cover well. Rogues role is obviously dps, so they do more dmg than warriors and rangers....

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