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Re: Thoughts on new lux

Warmart wrote:I also thought it was odd you couldnt wear the hp brace with the energy brace.

I agree stargem is great as a set, individually it depends. A stargem amulet alone imo doesnt seem as good as the new lux amulet. But i guess it all depends.

Really? You can only wear one runic Brac regardless of regen?

Re: About group lvling as a mage

I am a fire Mage who uses shield regularly, so does that put me in the solo category? Again still kind of depends. Could you say your stats, all your skills, and your access to restos, and that might help. I split my points evenly between focus and vit, mainly use fire bolt, storm, eshield, fire at...

Re: About China Clan

I've never heard of China Clan having a bad reputation. A lot of the higher leveled China clan members have joined the ranks of Ascension. All of them that I've come to know are fast levelers, eager to boss and easy to get along with. I think you just encountered some typical arena bullies. Okay, g...

About China Clan

As some of you might know, I am currently a member of China clan, the reason is very simple: I speak Chinese. There are no other reasons whatsoever. I am very pleased to find people who shared another common language with me, their level range is fairly diverse, ranging from newbies not long fresh o...

You cannot equip this with another item of the same type

Something that I have yet to look into as I do not want to end up wasting a lot of gold, but the description sounds pretty vague to me, and yes this is about lux items. Say runic bracelet of secrets cannot be equipped with another item of the same type, does this mean I cannot equip it with another ...

Re: Question About endgame luxury and weapon/armor vendors

Yea, the level 200 vendors in summoning are the highest level vendors atm. As a noob the best vendors I have access to are the lvl 150 lux in carrowmere and the lvl 180 spellwrought vendor in Vision of Misery, couldn't even go into infernal armory so I can't see the rest Are those items directly ac...

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