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Re: Any Russian players here?

Все верно, на Балоре в VODKA только русскоговорящие игроки, от хаев до новичков. Также есть несколько человек в старом клане Pycckue. И в других, иностранных, кланах тоже есть русские игроки О, неужели. Слушай, не в службу, а в дружбу: не мог бы ты провести своего рода опрос у своих согильдийцев по...

Re: How important is the celtic mythologie aspect, ? for VR.

Celtic mythos is a gold mine of lore that the game isn't using to its full potential. I understand the whole "I don't want to read" millennial thing, but for some players out there (me, hello!) lore and story matter. For me, the story and lore just kinda dropped out when I got to Otherworl...

Re: Question to VR

Warframe is a good example of community interaction. Megan and Rebecca do an outstanding job as CMs and it helps keep the healthy hype for the game. I'm not suggesting VR do that, but it's a prime example of how a good community interaction can be beneficial to the game and your company.

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