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Re: New item drop locations

I have this, it was dropped at 215 https://i.postimg.cc/vT18SfvL/C11-A959-C-84-AE-4-A09-B757-AFAC57-ECB6-BE.png Unox dropped or one of the adds? If unox how many stars Yes this is a good point if it is the ads around 215 that’s one th8ng but if it’s the actual boss that could be a hard grind with r...

Re: New item drop locations

Apparently someone got the life steal bow in forbidden You know which mob it spawned in place of and/or the location in forb? I’ve been farming for the bloom rings with no luck Strange as it seems... we got a regeneration dagger from the Eye of Unox 215 edl add. It may be that anything in forbidden...

Re: New item drop locations

Anybody found the 120 skill rings yet? Phantom ring etc? I’ve been farming the ow ghosts (literally killing every single one) for the past couple of days and had no luck. A few 4* but they only dropped reliquaries... I’m starting to wonder if the phantom ring drops from ghosts or not lol

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